A tantalizing glimpse into the future of automotive tech comes from an unexpected source. A video posted by an observant individual reveals the sleek user interface (UI) of the Tesla Cybertruck's centrally-mounted touchscreen display.

Unearthing the UI:

While the origin of the video remains a mystery, it showcases the interface's remarkable responsiveness, notably during pinch-to-zoom and rotate maneuvers. A snapshot of the battery percentage (84%) adds a touch of realism. However, the attempt to switch to remaining miles was unsuccessful, leaving enthusiasts speculating about the feature's readiness.

Familiar Yet Distinct:

The UI layout echoes Tesla's established design seen in their other EV models. The digital gear selector and quick access app drawer grace the left, while the right offers a vehicle visualization and map view. However, intriguing tweaks include a low-polygon terrain view and a subtle, blended division between screen halves, distinguishing it from Tesla's existing portfolio.

Eyes on the Surroundings:

The central display proudly flaunts rear and side camera feeds, although a full 360-degree view remains absent, aligning with Tesla's current production models. An on-screen advisory notes the temporary unavailability of Autopilot and Active Safety features, requesting a camera alignment.

Beyond the Screen:

The video also offers a sneak peek at intriguing details like Model X-inspired sun visors, a roof-console-mounted hazard lights switch, and the unmistakable hexagonal cupholders, gracing both front and rear.

Awaiting the Cybertruck Era:

Originally unveiled in 2019, the Cybertruck's anticipated delivery timeline experienced a delay. Recent sightings, however, suggest that mass production is on the horizon at Tesla's Texas Gigafactory.


With this sneak peek into the Cybertruck's infotainment system, Tesla continues to set the pace for cutting-edge automotive technology. The futuristic UI, though familiar, carries subtle distinctions that hint at a truly unique driving experience. As production nears, the automotive world eagerly awaits this groundbreaking addition to the Tesla lineup.