In a groundbreaking move, Tesla has introduced a bespoke in-car software tailored for Hertz's expanding global fleet of Tesla rental vehicles. This strategic collaboration, initiated in 2021 with Hertz's monumental order of 100,000 Tesla Model 3 units, underscores the rental giant's commitment to electrification and customer satisfaction. Tesla's latest software innovation aims to further enhance the seamless experience for renters.

Hertz's Electrification Endeavor:

Hertz's ambitious endeavor to electrify its rental fleet gained significant momentum with its substantial procurement of Tesla vehicles. This procurement, which initially comprised the Model 3 and later extended to include the Model Y, reflects Hertz's forward-looking approach to sustainable transportation solutions. Customer feedback has affirmed that Tesla vehicles not only meet but exceed expectations, contributing to heightened satisfaction levels.

Simplifying the Rental Process:

Tesla's collaboration with Hertz goes beyond providing exceptional vehicles. Recognizing the potential for further enhancement, Tesla embarked on the development of specialized software to augment the rental experience. This software empowers renters by allowing them to effortlessly convert their smartphones into vehicle keys through a simple QR code scan displayed on the vehicle's screen. Moreover, users leveraging Tesla's cloud-based user profile feature will enjoy seamless integration, with their personalized settings automatically synchronized with the rental vehicle.



Pioneering Cloud-Based Driver Profiles:

Tesla's progressive transition of driver profiles to the cloud has already demonstrated significant advantages, enabling drivers to effortlessly transfer their personalized settings to a new vehicle. This innovation not only underscores Tesla's commitment to user convenience but also serves as a testament to its forward-thinking approach in redefining the automotive experience.

A Paradigm Shift in Car Rental:

The integration of Tesla's cutting-edge software with Hertz's expansive Tesla fleet represents a transformative moment in car rental. By seamlessly merging technology with convenience, this collaboration sets a new standard for the industry, offering renters an unparalleled level of ease and personalization.


Tesla's dedicated in-car software for Hertz's rental vehicles exemplifies a strategic partnership focused on elevating the rental experience. This innovation not only highlights the potential for technological advancements in the automotive industry but also underscores the shared commitment of Tesla and Hertz to driving sustainable mobility solutions.