Recent revelations surrounding the European Type Certificate from the Netherlands' vehicle authority suggest that the facelifted Tesla Model 3 Performance may be in the pipeline. Intriguingly, a notable change in the VIN code structure hints at potential powertrain upgrades, fueling anticipation among Tesla enthusiasts.

The Missing Model:

When Tesla unveiled the updated Model 3 lineup in various global markets, the absence of the range-topping Model 3 Performance raised questions and speculation. However, recent developments hint at its likely return, supported by a European Type Certificate issued in July.

Decoding the VIN:

The key clue lies in the Model 3 Performance's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Unlike its predecessor, which featured the eighth position with the letter "L" denoting a specific type of motor, the facelifted version boasts a "T" in the same position. This subtle alteration has sparked intense speculation about potential powertrain upgrades.



A Plaid Connection:

Tesla enthusiasts note that the "T" designation aligns with VIN codes for the European Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid, both equipped with a tri-motor powertrain. While the possibility of a tri-motor Model 3 Performance is considered unlikely, it raises intriguing questions about the forthcoming upgrades.

Plausible Upgrade Scenario:

Rather than a tri-motor setup, it's more plausible that the "T" in the VIN indicates the adoption of one of the Plaid rear motors. This adjustment could grant Model 3 Performance owners enhanced performance capabilities, enhancing both acceleration and top speed.

Awaiting Confirmation:

While these speculations are intriguing, it's essential to await official confirmation from Tesla regarding the specific upgrades to the Model 3 Performance. Potential enhancements may target impressive 0-60 mph times and increased top speeds, even though surpassing the current model's 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and 162 mph top speed poses a significant challenge.


The potential upgrades to the Tesla Model 3 Performance Facelift, hinted at by the altered VIN code, have generated substantial excitement within the Tesla community. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate further details, the prospect of enhanced performance capabilities adds an intriguing dimension to the Model 3 lineup.