With the impending launch of the updated Tesla Model 3, codenamed Project Highland, Tesla is rolling out significant discounts on its existing Model 3 lineup. This strategic move aims to clear current inventory and entice prospective buyers with attractive price cuts, potentially intensifying the ongoing price competition in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Steep Price Reductions:

Tesla initiated discount offers earlier this year, resulting in price reductions of up to $2,500 to $3,000 on select Model 3 variants. The latest round of discounts now exceeds $4,000 for the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and over $5,000 for the Model 3 Long Range. For instance, a Model 3 RWD in New York City has seen its price drop to $37,120 from $41,240, indicating substantial savings for potential buyers.

Clearing Inventory Ahead of Refresh:

Speculation suggests that Tesla's aggressive discounting strategy is geared towards clearing existing inventory in anticipation of the refreshed Model 3 launch, which has yet to receive an official pricing announcement. This move not only benefits eager buyers but also fuels the ongoing price war within the EV industry, potentially leading to more accessible "entry level" electric vehicles.

Consumer Dilemma:

Prospective buyers are now presented with a tempting choice: to seize the current discounted Model 3 or await the refreshed version. Some consumers, enticed by the reduced prices, are considering immediate purchases, while others are opting to wait for potential enhancements in the upcoming release, such as increased battery capacity and advanced features like ventilated seats.

Informed Perspectives:

Commenters have expressed varying opinions on the Inside EVs article. Some believe that purchasing the current discounted model presents an exceptional value proposition, asserting that the forthcoming revision primarily focuses on cost-cutting measures rather than delivering a markedly superior vehicle.


Tesla's substantial discounts on the Model 3 signify a strategic move to realign inventory ahead of the highly anticipated Project Highland release. This development not only provides consumers with attractive savings but also underscores the fierce competition within the EV industry, potentially paving the way for more affordable entry-level electric vehicles.