Tesla's commitment to revolutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging experiences takes a giant leap forward with a groundbreaking deal. The company has secured an agreement with Hilton to deploy up to 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors at 2,000 Hilton hotel locations across North America. This strategic move not only underscores Tesla's dedication to enhancing charging accessibility but also solidifies Hilton's position as a premier choice for EV-driving travelers.

Enhancing the Charging Experience:

This collaboration builds upon an existing partnership between Hilton and Tesla, which initially focused on installing Tesla Wall Connectors at select Hilton locations worldwide. The expansion of this endeavor signifies a shared commitment to advancing the EV charging landscape.

Introducing the Universal Wall Connector:

Tesla's latest innovation, the Universal Wall Connector, plays a pivotal role in this expansion. This level 2 charger is equipped with a NACS connector tailored for Tesla vehicles and forthcoming EVs adopting the standard. What sets it apart is its adaptability, as the connector can be unlocked to function as a J1772 adapter. This versatility makes it compatible with a wide array of electric vehicles in North America, making it an ideal choice for overnight charging at hotels.

Elevating Travel Experiences:

With a minimum of six chargers at each selected hotel, Hilton is poised to become the preferred choice for the growing community of EV drivers. This milestone development positions Hilton as a leading player in accommodating the needs of EV travelers, aligning seamlessly with Tesla's mission to democratize convenient and cost-effective charging solutions.

Boosting Hilton's Appeal:

Hilton's integration of charge connectors has yielded remarkable results. The inclusion of this feature has propelled the hotel chain's search volume, surging from the fourth to the second-highest in converting searches to stays on their website. This underscores the pivotal role of accessible charging infrastructure in influencing travelers' choices.

Shared Vision for the Future:

Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure at Tesla, emphasized the critical role played by this partnership. By focusing on installing low-cost, convenient AC charging solutions at popular destinations like Hilton hotels, the aim is to offer a superior alternative to traditional gasoline vehicle ownership. This aligns with the joint industry goal of exceeding current standards and promoting widespread EV adoption.


The groundbreaking partnership between Tesla and Hilton is set to redefine the EV charging landscape. With an extensive network of Universal Wall Connectors, Hilton hotels are poised to become hubs for seamless and convenient charging experiences. This bold move signifies a significant step toward realizing Tesla's vision of making exceptional charging accessible to all EV owners, setting the stage for a more sustainable future.