Tesla (TSLA) stock, after experiencing six consecutive losses, roared back to life as anticipation for the Cybertruck and an upgraded Model 3 in China captivated investors. The recent surge in excitement has reignited hopes for Tesla's stock, prompting analysts to highlight several upcoming catalysts. In this article, we'll delve into the factors fueling Tesla's resurgence and whether the company's recent slide is coming to an end.

Tesla's Recent Rebound:

Tesla's stock experienced a notable resurgence, with TSLA jumping by 5.3% in Monday's market trade. This turnaround comes after a challenging period marked by six consecutive losses. The renewed optimism surrounding Tesla is largely attributed to the growing excitement generated by two major developments: the impending Cybertruck launch and an upgraded Model 3 rollout in China.

Baird Analyst's Insights:

Baird analyst Ben Kallo provided valuable insights into Tesla's potential for the second half of the year. While acknowledging that vehicle price reductions and margin pressure remain key narratives for Tesla, Kallo highlighted the potential for TSLA's stock to surge. The imminent launch of the highly anticipated Cybertruck, expected in Q3, along with other factors, could propel Tesla's stock higher. Baird maintains an outperform rating on TSLA, setting a $300 price target—39% above its current trading value.

Cybertruck Excitement Builds:

Excitement surrounding the Cybertruck has reached a fever pitch, driven by numerous sightings of the vehicle on U.S. roads. These sightings have stirred discussions and generated significant online buzz in anticipation of the vehicle's release. A recent promotional video featuring a Cybertruck in Iceland further fueled enthusiasm, underscoring the global interest in Tesla's groundbreaking creation.

Model 3 Upgrade in China:

Tesla's upgraded Model 3, codenamed Highland, is poised to make its mark in China. Reports suggest that some Tesla stores have already begun accepting reservations for the updated Model 3. Bloomberg reported that mass production of the new Model 3 is scheduled to commence in September. This strategic move is expected to enhance Tesla's presence in the world's largest electric vehicle market.

Stock Action and Analyst Sentiment:

Tesla's stock performance faced headwinds following the release of its second-quarter financial results on July 19. Investor concerns over declining gross margins overshadowed the company's strong earnings and revenue figures. Tesla's stock experienced an over 11% decline last week, culminating in a valuation not seen since early June. While the recent slide has raised questions, some analysts like Daniel Ives of Wedbush remain optimistic, viewing it as an opportunity. Ives emphasized that Tesla remains a compelling investment, especially at current levels.


Tesla's resurgence, driven by the impending Cybertruck launch and the upgraded Model 3 rollout in China, signals renewed investor excitement. The recent stock performance, while challenging, is viewed by some analysts as an opportunity for investors. Tesla's relentless pursuit of innovation and expansion continues to shape its trajectory in the dynamic world of electric vehicles.